Eureka Eatery started as an exciting Mediterranean concept that was new to the Monroe, Michigan community. For the past few years, we’ve shared with you some of the best Shawarma, Gyros, Falafel & Hummus this side of the Michigan-Ohio line! But we’ve always dreamed of so much more for Eureka Eatery. We think of the fried chicken from Grandma’s past and present, and the flavor explosions from serious hot sauce heat that brought out the best (and sweats) of us. We set out to create the next great chicken sandwich, but we knew it had to be more than just some plain ‘ole mad heat. We needed quality, antibiotic free chicken, a custom-made seasoning that spans 6 heat levels, a cool slaw to balance the flavors, and as every great chicken sandwich demands, tangy dill pickles. We strive to bring Michigan fresh ideas and unique takes on time-tested favorites, and we do it with clean, quality foods and ingredients.